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Office Safety Protocol

TRLF is committed to keeping our community transmission rate as low as possible. This means that we have implemented an office safety protocol that limits the number of people in the office to five at a time. This means a maximum of three staff people and two clients (by appointment only) and we are taking many other safety precautions. Our lobby is open from 8-4, Monday to Friday, and our phones are still answered 8-5:30. We are accepting new...

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Fraud Protection

Online hackers can ruin lives. In recent years, over two billion accounts have been hacked online annually. While this number does not only refer to bank accounts, those are certainly frequent targets. Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely guarantee your accounts are safe from breaches. There are, however, a number of relatively easy measures you can take to make your accounts more secure. 1. Use Unique Passwords Do not use the same...

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Estate Planning: Advance Directives

No one ever plans to be sick or disabled. Yet, it’s this kind of planning that can make all the difference in an emergency. This type of planning shouldn’t be limited to who will inherit particular items or assets—you should also consider critical decisions that your family may face if you become too sick or disabled to make those decisions yourself. Your estate plan should include an advance directive, or written instructions that let...

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