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Satisfied Clients


Even though you got compensated for being involved in this story, I still appreciate you being there and being part of the story. I could not imagine anyone else having taken the position. In another scenario it would have been nice just to have met as friends, and teach you to knit socks over tea by the wood-stove or something. Without all of you most wonderful people, I might not have been able to do this at all. – A Family Law Client


[This] letter is a brilliant articulation and I appreciate your consistent and superb work. – A Family Law Client


Liz guided me through a very challenging case involving emotional abuse toward me and substance abuse issues that posed a threat to my children’s well-being. She helped me to negotiate an extremely strong and detailed parenting plan in mediation with serious consequences for substance abuse violations. We were completely prepared to go to court but were able to avoid the expense and stress. Now that my ex is violating the plan, I am so grateful that I am able to hold him accountable and protect my children. She always answered my questions in a timely manner and gave me specific suggestions about what I could do to keep costs down and to support my case. Another attorney had unhelpfully told me there was very little one could do to protect children when the other parent is a substance abuse and one needed to “wait until something bad happened.” I am completely satisfied with the outcome of my case and have been able to move on with my children to a healthier future. – A Family Law Client


Erin: There aren’t words to say how grateful we are to you for helping us obtain the best possible outcome . . . Thank you so much for your kindness and patience. I’ve worked with and hired many lawyers over the course of my business career, but you are by far the most professional and talented I have ever met. Corvallis is so lucky to have you here and helping families. Please convey my thanks to everyone at your office who were all so kind. – A Family Law Client


We hired Erin to do our second parent adoptions and couldn’t have been happier with the results. The process was fast (two months start to finish – about half the time of many of our friend’s cases), and although the situation for us was stressful, Erin and the Reynolds firm employees did everything to make it easy and painless. Communication was great, we always knew where we were in the process. I would recommend Erin’s services to anyone looking for help with family law. – A Family Law Client


Erin and her team are fantastic to work with. Erin helped me so much, especially coming in towards the end of a case. She and her team were extremely helpful, communicated everything every step of the way, and made me feel so at ease during the entire process. I couldn’t be happier with her team and how the case turned out. I absolutely would recommend her to anyone. – A Family Law Client


Thank you all so very much for assisting me with my matter in such a professional, quick, and supportive fashion…..I will not forget you, and will not hesitate to either recommend your firm, or utilize your firm again, should the need ever arise. – A Family Law Client


Lorena and team,
I wanted to write a big thank you for all the hard work that the Reynolds Law tram put into my case. I felt that Lorena was on  top of everything and very thorough. I greatly appreciate everything you guys did for me! I am happy that I was represented by your services and with the outcome of the court. You and your staff are amazing, and I will be forever grateful! Thank you so much. – A Family Law Client



I couldn’t have asked for a more compassionate, efficient, and professional attorney to work with. Erin was there every step of the way during my divorce. She explained my options with clarity, answered all of my questions in an expedient manner, and always kept me abreast of the entire process. Her professionalism helped my family remain whole during this difficult time. I sincerely appreciate the support I had from Erin and from the entire staff at Reynolds Law. – A Family Law Client


Dear Lorena,
So, many, many thanks and a heart full of gratitude.  It was a very long and very painful process for me and I thank you for your patience.
   –Pro se assistance client


I worked with Erin for the most unpleasant situation with my ex-husband and my kids. She was great and very understanding about a very stressful situation and was very professional. She always got back to me by email for a phone call and was on top of my case all the time. – A Family Law Client


Dear Lorena, Sarah, and Staff,
We are so grateful that your mediation services were an available option and appreciated the way you managed our case.  Thank you for your help.   –Mediation clients


Dear Sarah,
I want you to know how much I appreciate all the time you spent answering my endless questions and explaining things to me during this very long process.  You never made me feel like it was a waste of your time and I am grateful for that.   —Pro se assistance client


To Everyone at The Reynolds Law Firm,
Thank you all for helping through my divorce.  You handled it with efficiency and compassion, which I really appreciate.   —A Family Law Client


Tough, detail oriented, and wonderful to (work) with. My experience of Lorena as my lawyer has been that she is very warm and gets lots done with my time with her. She is very detailed and sharp and knows her business! She has a warm and knowledgeable staff that she has do lots of things that can be done at a lower rate, but takes care of the important things herself. She is tough, smart, personable as a rule, but not so much when it comes time to dig in and win for her client. I can’t say enough good things about her.  —Adoption Client.


Thank you! I began to work with Lorena even though her office was 40 miles away from my home because of my friend’s strong recommendation, and I am glad I did. She first explained to me straightforwardly what was at stake regarding asset division and child custody. Her explanation on the latter was from a viewpoint in child psychology as well as the legal and financial standpoints.   —Family Law Client


Lorena is experienced, knowledgeable, energetic, organized and efficient: She is also conscientious as she did not waste time during our sessions or in preparing the materials for negotiating with my wife and her attorney. In the process, she hired accomplished assessors and accountants…and formulated a spreadsheet showing a realistic asset division. Throughout the process, she showed excellent math and sound logic connecting the facts. My wife was not interested in negotiating, however, and the case went to the court. There Lorena’s experience again shined. She asked each witness straightforward questions based on just facts with admirable attentiveness and readiness to respond. Her patience was also helpful to me while I was stressed at the witness stand… Finally, she made her well-organized final statement eloquently…Lorena has my highest recommendation.   —Family Law Client


Dear Lorena,
Just wanted to thank you for the advise you gave me at our consult.  I was awarded everything that I asked for.   —Pro se assistance client


Thanks: Lorena is an amazing lawyer. She is nothing I expected as a “lawyer” because she was honest and up front about my case. From the beginning to the end, she was professional and very responsive about any emergencies that came along. She fought for me like she was family and that gave me safety in a case filled with turmoil. She is very experienced and knowledgeable about family law which helped me focus on the end goal. I always felt like I was her only client. She listened to my concerns and my own personal knowledge of the case. I am honored that she represented me and hope that more people have this experience with her. She is simply the very best because she brings honor, respect, professionalism, and focus to her clients.  –Family Law Client


Highly Recommended:  Lorena has represented my son for 11 years. She began to represent him during a complex school situation, and used logic along with compassion to bring resolution to the situation. I have had school officials comment that they respect her as highly as I do. She has also covered family law situations for my family with the same logic and compassion that brings resolution. If resolution is the desired outcome, I highly recommend Lorena for you.   —Parent of a Special Education Client


Ethical and Committed: Lorena and her office staff were knowledgeable, thorough, professional and kind. I have complete faith and trust that Lorena would fight for my rights.   —Family Law Client


Attorney who knows her stuff and really cares: I worked with Lorena for a few years while going through a divorce from an abusive ex-husband. Not only is she knowledgeable in matters pertaining to law but she is also understands the dynamics of domestic violence and is able to advise on this aspect. My ex would lie constantly and not live up to our parenting agreement and Lorena prepared me for this. Sometimes I would call her late in the evening when there was a crisis and she always returned my calls in less than 24 hours. Having Lorena on my side helped me keep my sanity during the process.   –Family Law Client.


Ms. Reynolds helped me through a contentious divorce that involved issues regarding child custody, my business and asset division. I felt that she presented me with a reasonable expectation and was very straight forward about the process. Ms. Reynolds strongly supported the mediation process prior to a court proceeding. She made it clear how her charges were incurred and therefore made it easier for me to utilize her time most efficiently. I felt that she was very well organized and prepared my case well. Her staff was very courteous and professional. I would recommend Ms. Reynolds highly.   —Family Law Client


High conflict family law case: Lorena and her team were critical to resolving my family law matters. Lorena and her firm handled a contempt of court case and the related appeal settlement that followed. My ex and I have a daughter together. My ex is very high conflict. Accusation of child abuse, assault allegations, and with holding large amounts of visitation were common. My ex was overwhelmingly found guilty of contempt of court, placed on 2 years of bench probation, ordered to pay around $7600 in attorney fees, ordered to make up missed visitation hours and driving distances. In addition, a modified parenting plan was put into place that granted many additional days of visitation and constraints on my ex to alleviate conflicts. These actions were all put in place with just one trip to the court house, amazing. I have recently moved 80 miles closer to my daughter to see her more. This ability to see her more was created by the expertise and forward thinking of Lorena. My ex is still high conflict and exhausting to coordinate with. This week I have spoken with two mediators to help resolve some issues. However, in one hour from now I am going to my daughter’s school to pick her up for ‘weekday visitation’ and again tomorrow. This coming weekend we will spend time from Friday evening until Monday evening. This is something unimaginable before Lorena and her firm’s help. To say I would highly recommend Lorena and her firm is a gross understatement. She is amazing at what she does.   —A Family Law Client.


Lorena knows divorce law. She has helped me through an unpleasant divorce by keeping me level headed and focused. She has helped to inform me of the law and what is appropriate and fair. As much as I don’t like what she tells me sometimes, I trust her judgment.  —A Family Law Client


I am very high respect Lorena who is very support ADA Laws. That means she requires to have interpreter for Deaf access. Her goal to see Deaf people including me communicate clear with her than writing down on papers back and forth. That cause a lot of misunderstood. That helps me a lot and solved with my will problems. She is very good lawyer and she is very good listener and she knows how to fix with her experience background. If anyone who needs lawyer and I will recommended her name immediate.  —An Estate Planning Client


Excellent attorney: I am very pleased with the work Lorena has done for me. She is professional and great to work with. She is a good listener, works very hard and is also very candid and realistic, which I like. I believe she is truly interested and fully committed to my legal issues. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for family law representation.  —A Family Law Client


Great lawyer-knows the law, prepares well, and fights hard for her clients!: Lorena represented me in a civil stalking case that she won at the trial court level, was appealed by the other side, and she won again hands down at the Court of Appeals. She prepares thoroughly and knows the law. I felt completely confident that I was in good hands and during the trial I had a caring and extremely competent advocate sitting next to me. I would recommend Lorena to anyone and would use her services any time I needed an attorney!   —A Stalking Victim Client.


Great attorney, even greater person: I really loved that Lorena is so trustworthy, knowledgeable, and most of all, she is very caring about her clients and her clients’ families. I would recommend Lorena to anyone.  A million thanks to Lorena for all she has done for my family and me.   —A Family Law Client


Tough yet caring: Lorena guided me through a tough time in my life by advocating for me in the courts and by walking me step-by-step through the legal process. She always answered my phone calls and always had time to answer yet another question that came up. Her office staff is efficient and prompt, not to mention polite. I would recommend her to anyone.   —A Family Law Client


Liz: I want to thank you for everything you have done for my daughter and me. You do a wonderful job at conveying all the information that has been given to you, and I appreciate your help so much. I am so thankful for the outcome yesterday! Have a great day!


Erin Duncan is great lawyer! A true professional, attentive, caring, concerned, and articulate. I was out of the country when she started handling my case but Ms. Duncan has been there, supporting and clarifying, always just a phone call/email away. She is extremely knowledgeable and is very helpful in giving legal advice. I highly recommend this lawyer!