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Construction Law

Construction Law and Litigation


The Reynolds Law Firm, PC, represents construction contractors, subcontractors, and property owners in all aspects of construction law.

For contractors we provide a variety of services, aimed at preventing problems before they can occur, such as contract preparation and review, providing advice regarding employee and workforce matters, and general business matters (including establishing and maintaining a Corporation, or Limited Liability Company), as well as working with contractors to ensure that they are meeting pertinent regulatory requirements.

For home and property owners working with contractors we assist with the preparation and review of contracts and provide advice when problems, such as payment disputes, or delays or defective work occurs.

Many construction disputes can be resolved without protracted, expensive litigation and we are always focused on finding these resolutions.  However, we also understand that litigation sometime becomes necessary.  When that occurs, our team works together with you to ensure that you understand the process, that you are involved in the decisions that need to be made, and that you are provided with high quality representation from people who care about your case and the outcome. We frequently represent parties when there is a disagreement between contractors, home or property owners, and insurance companies; in placing or resolving construction liens; and collecting or resisting collection of construction related debts.

In addition, we resolve issues surrounding defective construction for property owners and contractors.  We also represent contractors in regulatory matters involving entities such as the Construction Contractor’s Board and Building Codes Division.