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Juvenile Law

Juvenile Law.


When youngsters get into trouble with the juvenile justice system they are often naïve about the consequences of their actions, the process that they are facing, and how their conduct today can impact their life in the future.  The juvenile law team at The Reynolds Law Firm, P.C., has the knowledge, expertise, and sensitivity to guide them through the process with an eye toward learning valuable lessons and avoiding future court interventions.  Our team has more than a decade of litigation experience handling juvenile justice cases.  We understand the process and can help families minimize the negative impact on a child’s life and future.

We believe that the protection of your child’s rights is paramount.  A child facing quasi-criminal penalties including supervision, community service, or detention must know and exercise the constitutional rights that protect him or her.  By the same token, we also believe in responsibility.  To that end, we help children get through the juvenile justice process with integrity, with a focus on learning from experience, and by crafting resolutions that take into account the unique circumstances of each case.

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