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$73m Settlement Reached Between the Families of the Victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting and Remington

Seven years after the family of five children and four adults killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting filed a lawsuit against gun manufacturer Remington, last month it was announced that a $73 million dollar settlement has been reached.

In 2014, the families alleged that Remington should be held partially responsible for the shooting, specifically contending that the company marketed rifles by glorifying their militaristic qualities and reinforcing the image of them as combat weapons, in violation of Connecticut state law designed to protect against deceptive marketing practices.

Nicole Hockley, the mother of 6 year old Dylan who was killed in the shooting said “My hope for this lawsuit is that by facing and finally being penalized for the impact of their work, gun companies along with the insurance and banking industries that enable them will be forced to make their practices safer than they've ever been, which will save lives and stop more shootings.”

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