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A Mother's Nightmare

"Hee Son keeps asking questions.

Why are her children in South Korea with their father, who doesn’t have custody of them?

Why is Son in debt for the foreseeable future?

Why, instead of pursuing a nursing degree at Linn-Benton Community College, is she spending much of her time meeting with an attorney, trying to figure out how she can get her kids back?

But for all the 'why' questions Son has, the most important question is a 'will':

Will she ever see her children again?

Son’s attorney, Lorena Reynolds, doesn’t have many answers.

What is known is that on Nov. 7, Son’s ex-husband, Shiwoo Lee, took their two boys for an overnight visit.

Son and Lee were in the middle of a divorce, and until then Lee had been limited to short visits only. Reynolds and Son had fought to limit Lee’s visits with the kids to eight hours and had gotten him to relinquish his passport due to a fear that he would take the children to South Korea."


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