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A New Nevada Law Bans Racial Mascots In Schools And 'Sundown Sirens'

On Friday, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak met with members of the Nevada Indian Commission in Carson City as he signed legislation removing racially discriminatory identifiers or language from schools. Additionally, counties can no longer sound "sundown sirens," which once signified it was time for certain people to leave town.

The law will require schools to change any name, logo, mascot, song or identifier that is "racially discriminatory" or "associated with the Confederate States of America or a federally recognized Indian tribe." Under Assembly Bill 88, exceptions can be made only with tribal approval. The legislation applies to public schools and charters, universities and community colleges.

Oregon has prohibited Native American mascots since May 17, 2012. Oregon’s Board of Education voted 5-1 to ban such mascots and gave schools five years to comply before facing the loss of state funding. The ban did not apply to colleges, but none in Oregon have Native American mascots after Southern Oregon University and Chemeketa Community College changed their mascots.

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