Alexa, Fitbit & Sex Toys are Making Waves in Court

A benefit of FitBits you probably hadn't thought about: "Ambrogi described a recent murder case from Wisconsin. The victim was Nicole VanderHeyden, and her boyfriend at the time was a suspect. However, with evidence collected by the man’s Fitbit, investigators were able to rule him out."

"The internet of things is defined by a device's connectivity to the internet and other devices, as well as the user data it collects.

Given the ubiquity of these devices, as well as the incredible volume of information they collect, it was only a matter of time before they started affecting criminal and civil cases and raising novel legal issues.

A Thursday panel at ABA Techshow explored some of these matters in a panel entitled: 'Alexa, is this IoT evidence Admissible?' Panelists Antigone Peyton, a member and chair of the intellectual property and technology law practice at Protorae Law in Virginia; and Bob Ambrogi, a legal technology blogger at LawSites, discussed how the evidence is being collected and used in court as well as in law offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

'In some ways, it is like the early stages of e-discovery,' Peyton says. 'It’s the wild west.'"


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