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Chicago Attorney Launches Parking-Ticket Resistance Campaign Online

"Todd Kooperman is an attorney on a mission. Last summer, he received a $60 parking ticket that he thinks violates his constitutional rights. Kooperman says that the city of Chicago didn’t give him proper notice about street cleaning, and that the law is too vague. To date, Kooperman estimates he’s dedicated close to 100 hours researching and fighting the ticket, on principle.

“I keep thinking about poor people who can’t afford a $60 ticket. What can they do?” he says. “Their cars get impounded.”

Kooperman doesn’t drive his car regularly. He usually bikes to work and passes his car on his way home to see whether any temporary no-parking signs have been placed on his Logan Square block. On July 25, 2016, he rode by his car around 6 p.m. and saw no signs. The next day, a parking ticket was placed on his car at 9:55 a.m."


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