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Day of Love in Marion County Courthouse

This Valentine's day in Salem, the Marion County Justice Court celebrated a “Day of Love.” Judge Justin Kidd presided over nine ceremonies, in thirty minute increments, surrounded by festive heart shaped decorations in the courtroom. Attendees were provided bouquets and boutonnieres. The proceedings only needed to be interrupted once for an arraignment. The budget for this event was $250 and each ceremony cost the $117 fee, plus $60 for a marriage license.

Judge Kidd told the Oregonian that he spent the first part of his marriage in a domestic partnership until federal judge Michael McShane, of the U.S District Court of Oregon, struck down Oregon’s ban on gay marriage, ruling that the law was unconstitutional. Kidd married his husband soon after the decision came down and told the Oregonian that since he became a judge two years ago, it has been his life’s mission to ensure that the state and the court “recognize the dignity of every marriage.” Further, he said that the purpose of this “Day of Love” event was to make special wedding ceremonies more accessible, especially for native Spanish speakers.

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