Elena Kagan Talks Diversity and (Dis)Agreement on the Supreme Court

"Justice Elena Kagan opened up about life on the Supreme Court on Thursday night during a wide-ranging, humor-filled interview, discussing what it’s like to write a dissent (with which she has had “a little bit of practice now”), diversity on the court, public opinion and what she anticipates will be the next important issues the court will take on.

Kagan took care to steer clear of most specifics during the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture at Washington's Sixth and I Historic Synagogue, where she fielded questions from The New Republic’s Leon Wieseltier and others the renowned critic posed on behalf of audience members. However, the most-junior member of the court spoke in some detail about being in the minority, saying that there were two cases in her first term where she felt her dissents were particularly important: one about campaign finance and one about taxpayer dollars going to religious institutions."


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