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Italian Woman Wins Case to Evict Her Sons

An Italian woman recently won her case to evict her adult sons who are both in their 40’s. Although her sons both have jobs and the ability to live more autonomously, they continued to live at home to the dismay of their mother. She stated that neither of them contributed to household expenses or chores which pushed this 75-year-old woman to her breaking point. Thanks to a sympathetic judge this mama bird finally forced these two baby birds to fly the nest by serving them with an eviction notice. The judge’s ruling stated that while initially the men living at home was warranted due to parental obligation to provide maintenance, it was no longer justifiable because of their age.

In Italy, however, almost 70% of people between 18 and 34 still live at home with parents, because of tough economic conditions and difficulty in finding suitable jobs.

Even though there is a culture in Italy of many generations living under one roof, more and more Italian parents are ready to let their adult children run free in the world. While an eviction notice is extremely rare, there have been other instances of Italian parents being taken to court by their adult children who still expect to be financially supported well beyond age 18. So far, the Italian courts have rejected these appeals stating that young adults do not have a right to parental financial support.

If you want to read more about this fascinating eviction case you can find the original article here:

Italian woman wins court case to evict her two sons, aged 40 and 42

The bamboccioni (big babies) refused to fly nest and ‘did not contribute’ – in country where most under-35s still live with parents

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