LWV Annual Meeting, featured speaker Attorney Lorena Reynolds “Empowering Women as Leaders"

"Ms. Reynolds is a local attorney who specializes in family law and victims’ rights. She is a primary organizer of an upcoming conference: “We Are the Changemakers: A Conference for Women and Their Allies,” which is planned for October 1st at OSU. We look forward to hearing more details at our annual meeting.

In 2006 Ms. Reynolds received the Mary Zelinka Advocate for Social Justice Award; in 2010 she was given the OSU Woman of Achievement Award; and in 2014 the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce gave her the Junior First Citizen Award for her dedication to ending domestic and sexual violence.

In addition to telling us about the conference, Ms. Reynolds will share her personal perspective of the challenges and rewards of being a young professional woman, and what we can do individually and as an organization to encourage younger women to assume leadership positions."


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