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Today’s date is a nod to the popular Star Wars franchise. The Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride at Disneyland and Disney World, though, is at the center of intellectual property litigation. Louis Alfieri submitted a “revolutionary design” to Disney several years ago pitching an idea he developed, but Disney moved ahead with the ride design without his assistance. The intellectual property at issue is “the connection of a rider to a trolley on a tower in the Star Wars attraction.” Alfieri’s counsel argues that the ride was “manufactured to operate, has operated and continues to operate according to the patent invention”. Attorney Daniel Ravicher says that because “Disney is not a carnival company that accepts tickets for its rides, it will be difficult for the plaintiff to isolate how much revenue is relevant to the admission price to the Disney Parks...A patent case like this is going to take six to seven years to litigate”.

Find the Article and Complaint: Link

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