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New Law Ends Forced Arbitration in Workplace Sexual Assault and Harassment Cases

President Biden signed the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act into law a few weeks ago. The new law ends forced arbitration in workplace sexual assault and harassment cases, and allows survivors to sue their perpetrators in court.

According to the Justice Department, 60 million workers in the U.S. are subject to forced arbitration. This law further nullifies those agreements between employees and their employers, in which they waived their right to sue and instead settle disputes by arbitration.

During the signing ceremony the President said that the secrecy of arbitration, in these cases, benefits companies, not victims, and keeps many of those impacted in the blind about an issue that needs more illumination. He further went on to say that “between half and three-quarters of all women report they have faced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace, and too often they’re denied a voice and a fair chance to do anything about it. Today, we send a clear and strong message that we stand with you for safety, dignity and for justice.”

📸: Unsplash

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