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Oregon Wine Producer has Files Half a Million Dollar Lawsuit - Nation Wine Day

May 25th - National Wine Day

In local wine law history, Willamette Valley Vineyards filed a lawsuit in Polk County in 2015 claiming that a neighboring grass seed farm destroyed 12.7 tonnes of Pinot Noir grapes valued at nearly half a million dollars. The Oregon wine producer alleged that Five Cent Farm, owned by Jeffrey Nichols, irresponsibly over sprayed their herbicides, getting chemicals on their grape crops. Mr. Nichols contested the claim and denied any wrongdoing.

Workers at Elton Vineyard, which is the land that WVV was leasing, noticed damaged vines in May of 2013 and reported it to Oregon’s Department of Agriculture. The ODA "ultimately concluded that a herbicide drift had occurred, which was caused by the actions of Jeffery Nichols, on behalf of Myron Nichols and Five Cent Farm, in March 2013…This resulted in a total loss of 826 cases of wine for a total economic loss of $413,780." Nichols denied the allegations and stated that there are other homeowners in the area that may have been at fault.

As is typical in these types of cases, the parties eventually stipulated to dismissing the case.

Polk County, Oregon Case number 15CV19245

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