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Presidents' Day 2022

It’s Presidents' Day. For some, it’s a day off or a time to look for good shopping deals. At TRFL, we usually focus more on the judicial branch of government, but today we're going to focus on the role of the US President.

The origins of the holiday date back to President Washington’s birthday, February 22nd, but it was later combined with President Lincoln’s birthday, to honor all our chief executives. The third Monday in February was designated so that it would fall between the two president’s birthdays and create a three-day weekend.

Recently, as statues of previous presidents and other historical figures are being removed or torn down because of their involvement in slavery, racism, or imperialism, some activists are questioning if this one is still relevant. Presidential legacies and policies have substantial repercussions that far outlive their time in office.

Today is a good time to reflect on our past and current Presidents with gratitude and esteem or with criticism and disappointment, both recognizing the weight of their service and holding them accountable for problematic policies.

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