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Prince Andrew Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit with Virginia Giuffre

For years, Andrew Edward, who is widely known as Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and the son of Queen Elizabeth of England, accused Virginia Giuffre of lying and has attempted to distance himself from disgraced predator Jeffery Epstein.

Yesterday, the U.S District Court in Manhattan announced that Andrew has formally “accepted that Ms. Giuffre has suffered” and that “it is known that Jeffery Epstein trafficked young girls over many years and [Edwards] regrets his association with [Epstein].”

Giuffre’s lawsuit was based on Edwards’ action on Epstein's private island in the early 2000s, when she was 17 and he was 40. In a statement Giuffre’s attorney said that the settlement “speaks for itself” and that the amount is “confidential.”

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