Prince Geroge Refuses to High Five Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

"I have seen a lot of coverage of this moment, and it has universally been treated as some sort of rebuff or dismissal of Prime Minister Trudeau. A young child (yes, British royalty, but a preschooler nonetheless), was offered a low five. He declined, and was offered a handshake. He also declined this nicety. As is his right. Rather than looking at this as an adult man being refused by a child, how about we flip the script a little here?

This adult man, father of three, offered his hand in a familiar gesture. When the child did not engage, the man tried another kind of offer. When the child refused contact once again, THIS MAN SMILED AND DIDN'T PUSH FURTHER. What Justin Trudeau did with Prince George is to be celebrated: he engaged with a small child and respected the child's clear refusal. We have now internationally-circulated video footage of a man modelling affirmative consent with this boy. That is not worthy of mockery, it's a cause for celebration." - Creating Consent Culture by Providing Youth the Tools


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