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Sanford Heisler Sharp Files $100M Gender, Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination Lawsuit

Law firms need to step up and support pregnant and parenting attorneys.

"Attorneys at Sanford Heisler Sharp LLP filed a $100 million class and collective action employment discrimination lawsuit against Morrison & Foerster ("MoFo") today in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The Complaint, which is filed on behalf of three female associates currently employed at MoFo, alleges the international law firm practices systemic gender discrimination against female lawyers, particularly those who are pregnant or have children. The Plaintiffs are represented in the matter by Sanford Heisler Sharp attorneys from four offices, including David W. Sanford and Aimee Stewart in Washington, D.C.; Deborah K. Marcuse in Baltimore; Ed Chapin and Jill Sullivan Sanford in San Diego; and Danielle Fuschetti in San Francisco."


Full Article Here

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