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Taking Knees and Wearing T-Shirts: Panelists Talk Sports Activism and Free Speech

"Terri Carmichael Jackson was just three months into her new job leading the women’s basketball players union when her phone began ringing like crazy. It was bad news: The league was fining many of her 144 players for wearing unauthorized T-shirts during warmups.

And not just any T-shirts. These shirts offered support for Black Lives Matter and for the families of five Dallas police officers killed in a July 2016 ambush.

“I get a copy via email of every fine letter” from the league, said Jackson, operations director of the Women’s National Basketball Players Association. 'So imagine what your phone feels like vibrating that many times. I laugh at it now, but it really wasn’t funny because my players don’t make a lot,' and the fines were $500 each."


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