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Term-Time Holiday Case in Supreme Court

"A council which lost a High Court case over fining a father who took his daughter on a term-time holiday has had its appeal heard at the Supreme Court.

Isle of Wight Council tried to fine Jon Platt £120 for taking his daughter to Florida during the school term.

But magistrates backed the father, so the council appealed to the High Court, which again ruled in Mr. Platt's favour.

The Department for Education is meeting the council's legal costs.

The legal case rests on what constitutes "regular attendance".

Mr. Platt has argued that even after the "once-in-a-lifetime" family trip to Disneyland, his daughter had 90% attendance at school and this argument was accepted by the High Court in May last year.

At the time Lord Justice Lloyd Jones said the case 'raised a point of law of general public importance.'"


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