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The Downfall of Traditional Law Firms: The Struggle in Finding Good Legal Advice

"As corporate tentacles sprawl across new and emerging geographical markets, legal services providers must be capable of offering their global clients consistently high-quality advice and service anywhere in the world – even in the most remote jurisdictions. However, Interlaw’s most recent independent research paper – ‘Global Legal Services in a Disruptive World’ – reveals the challenges general counsel face in securing this all-important uniformity in all corners of the globe.

The research, which surveyed more than 100 general counsel (GC), and senior lawyers at 55 independent law firms across 41 countries, revealed what today’s global client is seeking from its legal provider. The short answer to this question is quality, with feedback from GCs showing they are increasingly becoming less reliant on the international law firm model and more open to the idea of working with alternative providers.

One of the reasons behind this may be found by taking a closer look at the true geographical reach of some of the world’s leading ‘international’ law firms. The research reveals a significant bias towards the West – with 83% of lawyers at the top 30 firms based in Europe or North America – and clear gaps in key trading areas around the world. This calls into question the capability of such firms to deliver the consistently high standards their global clients demand."


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