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The Most Important Sex Education Lesson of All: Consent

During this prom season, take some time to talk to the teens in your life about consent.

"Of the handful of young men I’ve seen in therapy who admitted to sexual misconduct, Ryan surprised me the most. Polite and thoughtful, Ryan was also more humble and less sexually experienced than you would expect from such an attractive and athletic high school senior. After hooking up with a girl at a friend’s party (with the friend’s parents safely away for the weekend) Ryan invited her to go upstairs to one of the vacant bedrooms. He interpreted her acceptance as a good sign he’d get ‘lucky.’ She voluntarily lay next to him in bed, eagerly returned his kisses, and even allowed his hands to wander a bit. However, when they wandered further he was rebuffed. A few moments later he tried again, but this time got angry when she stopped him. 'What the hell were you thinking when you came up here?' he barked. She asked to leave, but he prevented her from moving. She asked again and fortunately he relented."


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