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TRLF Introductions: Alicia Brown

Introducing Alicia Brown! Alicia works in TRLF’s front office and greets clients with warmth, kindness, and understanding. Alicia’s intended first day with TRLF was March 18, 2020—just as Oregon was shutting down for Covid-19. So, after a short delay, Alicia became our first employee to be on-boarded completely remotely during the pandemic. Alicia’s favorite part of working for TRLF has been that she is able to work in a place that is giving back to the local community she loves so much.

Before joining our team, Alicia graduated from high school in Independence, Oregon and attended Oregon State University. During and shortly after Alicia’s enrollment at Oregon State, she volunteered for several years at Pentacle Theater in Salem and then began working at a local property management company. In 2020 it was time for a change, so Alicia has found a new home at TRLF. She lives in Albany with her sister and her huge tabby cat Boris.

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