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TRLF Introductions: Bookkeeper Mary Granzow

Introducing TRLF’s newest team member—bookkeeper Mary Granzow! Mary joined our team in December 2020 and has found her position with us both challenging and exhilarating. She’s most enjoyed helping clients and being of service, but has also enjoyed the bookkeeping, generally.

Before joining our team, Mary came from “a long line of bean counters.” Her grandparents started Granzow & Co, an accounting group, over 67 years ago in Clifton, IL; some of Mary’s favorite childhood toys were the old adding machines with crank handles. Mary remembers growing up around tax seasons in her small community, and it not being uncommon to have a bushel of corn arrive alongside a box full of papers for her father and grandparents to sort through. Mary started working in the field in the early 90’s and has had her hand in full-cycle bookkeeping ever since.

When Mary isn’t working, she is gardening or cooking. She also volunteers as a mentor for entrepreneurs and start-ups through In her own words, Mary is living her best life and dodging raindrops!

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