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Weekend Read: Marchers Today Will demand Rights for Transgender People Amid Hate Crimes and Trump

"Thousands of people will be marching in Washington, D.C., and across the nation today. They’ll march for people like Dana Martin, 31, who was fatally shot in Montgomery, Alabama, on Jan. 6. For Paris Cameron, 20, who was among two others killed in an anti-LGBTQ shooting in Detroit on May 25. For Bailey Reeves, fatally shot in Baltimore on Sept. 2 at the age of 17. And they’ll be marching for 15 other black transgender women brutally murdered this year – as well as for trans people across America whose rights are being ignored or trampled. The first-ever National Trans Visibility March on D.C. not only demands justice for the victims of hate but calls for equality and inclusion for the trans community.

The overarching goal is congressional passage of the Equality Act, which would explicitly extend to the LGBTQ community the full range of rights and protections enshrined in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, thereby forbidding discrimination in public accommodations, employment, housing, health care, parenting, finance and other facets of American life."


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