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November 9th is World Adoption Day. This day was created to raise awareness about adoptive families, celebrate adoption, and to encourage adoptees and adoptive parents to share their stories with the world. On this day, people that have been adopted or are adoptive parents are encouraged to draw a smiley face on their hand and post a photo on social media with #WorldAdoptionDay. Adoptees and parents can share their stories, memories, and celebrate their adoption journey.

Adoption is often associated with a traumatic event like a child losing their parents or the inability to have biological children. But adoption does not always have to be associated with trauma. People may choose to adopt because one parent gets remarried and the new spouse wants their parent-child relationship to be legally recognized. For years, same sex couples had to use adoption to protect their family relationships, and single people often adopt to build their own family. Whatever the reason may be, adoption is part of our legal system and should be commemorated.

Did you know there are prominent historical figures that were adopted? People such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Edgar Allen Poe, Nelson Mandela, Babe Ruth, and Steve Jobs were all adopted. As children, they needed a guardian and people in their lives stepped up to help. At The Reynolds Law Firm, we have attorneys that can help with the adoption process. One of our favorite things to do as attorneys is to attend “signing ceremonies” at the courthouse with a judge presiding over the finalization of the process.

To learn more about World Adoption Day and ways you can get involved, please visit:


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