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Corvallis, OR 97330
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Hiring Us

When you hire an attorney with The Reynolds Law Firm, PC, you should expect:

  •  To have an attorney who cares about you and your children, who will work with you to do what is in your best interest and the best interest of your children
  • To work with an attorney and staff that is committed to resolving your case as amicably as possible, but who are willing and able to litigate your case when settlement fails
  • To be kept informed of your case at every step
  • To be provided with accurate information about your case and the law pertaining to it; and to be told when the outcome of a situation or litigation is unpredictable
  • To have your phone calls, e-mails, and other correspondence returned quickly, usually the same working day
  • Courteous attorneys and staff who will protect your confidentiality  (Please note that, because of strict adherence to our confidentiality policy, if you see our attorneys and/or staff in public, they will not acknowledge you unless you acknowledge them first)
  • To be told when things will be done and to have them done on time
  • To be told the truth:  If our attorneys or staff do not know the answer to your question, they will not make up an answer, and no one will tell you the attorney is out of the office unless the attorney really is out of the office
  • To be billed accurately once a month and to be charged a reasonable rate for our services
  • To be referred to other professionals for services when appropriate
  • To have your questions answered in terms you can understand and to have them answered more than once if necessary


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