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Environmental Law


Land Use


Renewable Energy

Blossom received her law degree from the University of Oregon in 2022, where she also earned a certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law. This certificate acknowledges completion of extra coursework and practical skills relating to environmental law. Blossom also wrote independent research papers addressing issues in American Indian law, environmental law, and art law.


Simultaneous to the law program at U of O, Blossom completed seven different externships in land use, renewable energy, federal and Oregon environment and policy, criminal law, employment law, and contract law to ensure that she would be practice-ready upon graduation. Since joining the The Reynolds Law Firm in August 2022, she has expanded her repertoire by working closely with a seasoned attorney to acquire a comprehensive understanding of construction defect and liens, business law, elder abuse, defamation, landlord-tenant law, and a range of other civil matters.


Blossom’s transition to law from her first career was a natural one: prior to law school, she enjoyed working closely with clients domestically and abroad to develop their new products, troubleshoot existing products, and coordinate the details required for international commerce in nearly twenty-five countries. Helping clients find the best solution to a problem and figuring out how to prevent future issues has been part of Blossom’s work in Oregon for the past twenty years. Now she is excited to apply her personalized approach to helping clients with any legal matters that may arise in their professional or personal lives.


Oregon’s beautiful green landscape near the mountains and ocean brought Blossom to the state after earning a BS in Chemistry from the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa. In her free time, she likes hiking, gardening, cooking, road trips with her Akita dog (Gus), reading, and a good laugh.

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