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Dedicated, Caring, Conscientious.

We listen to what you want and focus on what is important to you.

Tough Yet Caring A Family Law Client


Lorena guided me through a tough time in my life by advocating for me in the courts and by walking me step-by-step through the legal process. She always answered my phone calls and always had time to answer yet another question that came up. Her office staff is efficient and prompt, not to mention polite. I would recommend her to anyone. see more

Outstanding — A Family Law Client


I hired Kayla to handle my divorce. Neither of us thought it would be difficult. As it turned into month after month of agonizing work and stalling by the opposing parties, Kayla and Christina were stars for me. They worked 15 months on the case. I always stressed that I worked for them. All clients should hear that. You work for your lawyer. Kayla knew how to navigate this mess for me. Kayla and Christina did talk me of the ledge of the building a couple times. I knew early on that I had hired the best representation no doubt. No details to cover were missed or not addressed. They were meticulous. Kayla is now my personal attorney for the remainder of my life. The whole office operates as a team so you get all angles of help. Kayla's expertise and skills finished the case and I am satisfied beyond all doubt I had and still have the best law team out there. see more

Sound Logic A Family Law Client


Lorena is experienced, knowledgeable, energetic, organized and efficient: She is also conscientious as she did not waste time during our sessions or in preparing the materials for negotiating with my wife and her attorney. In the process, she hired accomplished assessors and accountants…and formulated a spreadsheet showing a realistic asset division. Throughout the process, she showed excellent math and sound logic connecting the facts. My wife was not interested in negotiating, however, and the case went to the court. There Lorena’s experience again shined. She asked each witness straightforward questions based on just facts with admirable attentiveness and readiness to respond. Her patience was also helpful to me while I was stressed at the witness stand… Finally, she made her well-organized final statement eloquently…Lorena has my highest recommendation. see more

Highly Respected An Estate Planning Client


I am very high respect Lorena who is very support ADA Laws. That means she requires to have interpreter for Deaf access. Her goal to see Deaf people including me communicate clear with her than writing down on papers back and forth. That cause a lot of misunderstood. That helps me a lot and solved with my will problems. She is very good lawyer and she is very good listener and she knows how to fix with her experience background. If anyone who needs lawyer and I will recommended her name immediate. see more

World Class Alice


World Class! Lorena thoroughly vetted my case. Extremely knowledgeable. Fought hard for my cause and my children. Fair minded and egalitarian. Kept my case moving in a positive and safe direction. see more

Prompt, Responsive, Fantastic Shannon


Prompt, Responsive, Fantastic. Amy is fantastic to work with. She stayed on top of my case through the long process and on top of the other attorney that seemed to drag things out. She went through my options when choices were to be made and pushed back when necessary to help me get the best outcome. see more

Exceptional Attorney A Family Law Client


I heard good things about the Reynolds Law firm and met with Kayla as a possible choice to handle my case. Kayla outshined all of the other attorneys I met with; even when they had years of experience. I was informed Kayla was younger in her law practice; however, you would never notice this based on her skills, integrity and professionalism. Kayla wasn’t just passionate about assisting me in understanding my rights; she aided me in understanding the complications of legal jargun. Kayla ultimately wasn’t my attorney; she really became my advocate and put my family first. Kayla’s compassion, empowerment and timeliness are just a few examples of her exceptionalism. There are not enough synonyms in the English language to describe all of Kayla’s capabilities. Ethical and appropriate attorneys can be hard to find. I am very grateful for making the right decision to hire Kayla for my legal needs and would encourage you to do the same. see more

Invaluable Resource Catherine


Honest, ethical, and realistic. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend. Justin has represented me on the purchase of a large business, the sale of two smaller businesses, initial creation of my trust/estate planning documents, complete restructure of my estate/trusts after my divorce and a ton of small real estate related matters along the way. He is an invaluable resource and I cannot imagine hiring anyone else to represent me. He always has my best interest at heart, is thorough and most importantly realistic and ethical. If I shouldn't do something I want to do, he tells me why I shouldn't. If I am missing something, he tells me what I'm missing. Hire him. You will be so glad you did! see more

Excellent Attorney A Family Law Client


I am very pleased with the work Lorena has done for me. She is professional and great to work with. She is a good listener, works very hard and is also very candid and realistic, which I like. I believe she is truly interested and fully committed to my legal issues. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for family law representation. see more

Highly Recommended Parent of a Special Education Client


Lorena has represented my son for 11 years. She began to represent him during a complex school situation, and used logic along with compassion to bring resolution to the situation. I have had school officials comment that they respect her as highly as I do. She has also covered family law situations for my family with the same logic and compassion that brings resolution. If resolution is the desired outcome, I highly recommend Lorena for you. see more

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