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Ran comes to the Reynolds Law Firm with a strong background in litigation. Since entering practice in 2014, they have personally handled hundreds of cases, from large to small, in areas ranging from criminal law to worker’s compensation to contract and civil litigation. They understand that every case is different, that every client’s issues are unique and critical to them, and that every matter deserves the utmost attention, discretion, and respect.


After graduating from the University of Minnesota School of Law, Ran began their career with the Virginia Beach Public Defender’s Office’s Adult Felony section, and represented individuals charged with often serious criminal offenses. After trying hundreds of cases and appearing in court near daily, they entered private practice in Fairfax, Virginia, where they represented folks with all manner of issues, both civil and criminal. They developed a particular understanding of the numerous challenges faced by injured and disabled people, as well as profound empathy for the difficulties our systems place on the suffering and the struggling.


Ran brings this mindset to every case they work, whether for a corporate entity, or a single individual. They appreciate that the law is about serving human interests, making people whole, and providing equity and fairness when circumstances and other people make life harder than it ought to be. They also appreciate the law as a tool to enable and empower people to accomplish their goals, whether they are starting a small business, recovering from an injury, or protecting themselves and recovering from the misconduct of other people.


In their spare time, Ran enjoys reading, watching classic Hollywood film noir, listening to all sorts of music, from bluegrass to progressive rock, performing yardwork (where necessary) and spending time with dogs. They are also an avid tabletop roleplaying enthusiast, and enjoy all manner of books, from the classic to the silly.

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